Hello Gophers, Most of us who tried unit testing must have stuck at external dependencies. That external dependency is maybe of message broker, database, external service APIs, or any other functionality. We wish to decouple our code from the external dependencies and test just what is ours. …

An Index is an additional structure that is derived from the primary data in the database. Considering this many databases allow to add indexes to the database that does not affect the contents of the databases, It only affects the performance of the query.

Now since indexes are the additional…

Everything on the Linux/UNIX system is considered to be a file. With this assumption, Does that mean processes are also files? Yes, they are. You can find everything about processes in the /proc directory on Linux/Unix system.

In fact, there is a complete directory dedicated to a process in /proc. If…

As a professional, it's our duty to write Clean code. It is not a mandate, not a charter, not a pledge but a given thing. It's a stepping stone on the journey of software craftsmanship. Every developer must adhere to this paradigm.

While writing code I have these two motivations.

A constant pain-point for a developer to meet with the business need in a complex product is to streamline the requirements. Freezing requirements make the developer’s life easy but this goes against the Agile Methodology. As the second principle out of the 12 agile principle says.

Welcome changing requirement, even…

Shailesh Suryawanshi

A wizard with no Magic.

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